I Appreciate My Wife So Much


Good afternoon, I really love what you’re doing. This is my first time coming into your dm. Marriage is sweet and I have been appreciating my wife and thanking God for her life secretly.

For about a month now, I been in the kitchen doing all the cooking and I’ve come to realize that our ladies are really doing well. In fact, I can confidently say I love cooking but on occasional basis but cooking this time round from morning to evening, I’m already tired. I keep ask myself, “is this what our women go through daily?” Eii they are really doing well paaaa.

God bless them all especially my wife, I really feel delighted whenever I serve her????????.
Someone will ask, “don’t you go to work?”I do ooo but by the Grace of God since she is not feeling well I have been given days off and I’m helping in the house. I will like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the women on your platform especially my wife since yesterday was International women’s day. In fact their efforts will never go unrewarded.

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Written by Abena Magis

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