I Can’t “Jack” Again


Actually I’m in one of the European countries. I met this white lady on a dating app. After speaking for sometime, we decided to meet for the first time and I had to go to her city since we live in a different cities. BTW from my city to hers is just one hour by train.

I got to her city in the evening and so she was already waiting for me at the train station. We went to sit on one of the lover’s bench in between the road just near the train station.

No coffee shop is open | Source: Pinterest

Mind you, we are in winter. It’s very cold outside and we’re also in lockdown so you won’t even get any coffee shop to go sit there and talk. We conversed for sometime outside but we both realized we were freezing because we couldn’t feel both our hands and ears.

It even started to snow a bit and so she was like, she lives around the corner and so if I don’t mind we can go to her apartment. We ended up there and we continued talking.

We both got hungry and she ordered some food online because she didn’t cook that night. She paid online with PayPal but I still insisted on paying for it in cash to her which she later agreed because I told her if I don’t pay for our food, I’m not eating.

We ended up making love and here comes my problem. Would you believe just after first round which most guys come quick just like me, my prick refused to erect again. This was the first time I’m experiencing this.

I really felt embarrassed the whole night because of the way I bragged to this girl on phone. I would like to ask the guys on your platform if it’s a normal thing or was it because I was tired or stressed or I need to seek medical attention. Please ???? let me know when you post this.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. May it could be a health problem since our food we eat as of today are full of chemical that’s reducing the sexual strength of men of today.

    We have natural products that’s good for both men and women to last longer in bed with their partners

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  2. It’s not a problem bro. The food u ate also was part of the problem that made u not allow your prick to wake up again.
    Next time take some light like tea and a slice of bread before going to her place.
    Fuck all your fuck bf u think of eating anything heavy else if u eat something heavy before going to fuck, u will experience the same problem u encountered the last time

  3. See ehn? I never believed in juju or witchcraft but some lady bi? Heh! You is okay! Please guys whatever you do buy your lady her jewelry; beads, chains, necklaces, bangles, etc….Most of these women have these things so you won’t be able to perform.
    I won’t have believed it, if I didn’t go through it!

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