I Can’t Stand The Heat.



I’m a renowned media practitioner cum a young politician. I met a 24 year old SHS graduate and as usual the game of proposing commenced. Within one week, she became pregnant and she informed me which I did not hesitate or deny for being responsible.

She requested to see my mother’s location though she has been speaking to my mother all the time before the pregnancy, of which I have planned to even introduce her to my mother. Can you imagine this young lady took a car, called my mother and asked my mother to direct her to the place. Using my name that she is with me and wanted to visit them but my mother did not say anything but directed her to the house.

All my elder sisters were in the house. They all welcomed her and then called me to find out if I know such a lady. I didn’t deny her but the most shocking issue is she informed my mother that she is pregnant for me but I refused to bring her home for them to see her. Now, does it work that way according to our tradition? A man is supposed to introduce a woman to his family but you the woman in question can’t back pass the man and go to his family to tell them you are with me and pregnant for me. What is her motive for doing that?

Now, she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl and she is one year five months. Her family is giving me pressure which I cannot stand the heat. This lady too doesn’t respect me as well. I don’t even know what to do now. Her disrespect is that she wants to know my finances. Especially the amount of money I have in my account and also want to control me with any decision we take. Her own should be final.

I don’t allow that because I am a man and I don’t want you to control me. I’m thinking of letting her go so that I will still take care of my daughter. Thank you.Will sit back and observe comments from readers.

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Written by Esther

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