I Don’t Attract Quality Men


I’m a lady in my mid 20s and have not been in any committed relationship before. I meet guys but there’s always something off about them. Even though I have my preferences, I’m not picky.

My friends and sisters think I push guys away from me but they (especially my sisters) always have something wrong to say about almost all the guys I meet. I’m a very nice person and I’m also very beautiful so it’s hard for me to understand why I don’t attract quality men.

Some will look at me with admiration but will never get close. I’m also a God fearing person who takes my Christian faith very seriously. A co-worker once told me guys are now more attracted to “bad girls” and not the all modest ones. How true is this? And to be honest, I don’t behave or dress so “modestly.”

I wasn’t bothered about my situation at first but I’m a bit worried and feel pressured now since all my friends think I’m pushing guys away but I know what I’m facing and I’d love to be in a relationship and be committed. Please I need your advice and your team’s as well.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I think since you said you are a Christian, then I will suggest that you pray about it and talk to God, being specific in your prayer. As the Bible said to be anxious for nothing but with prayer we should make our request known. I believe when you talk to God He will help you.

  2. My don’t let this worry u and continue to serve ur God for the Lord our God is preparing something very special for u thank u.

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