I Don’t Want to Lose Her But Don’t Really Love Her


I have this female friend that really likes me and wants us to be together. From the look of things in the aspect of mind, she will be a very good life partner. I mean she’s co operative, my joy is her happiness and everything about her is me first.

She is always there to listen to me whether it be trash or not, except when she is feeling sleepy. She even has the experience when it comes to the clicking and double clicking but from the look of things and in the aspect of my heart, it’s not working for her because I don’t have that kind of love feelings for her.

I’m the type that will stay single, forget about ladies and keep living my life but I can only be with only one woman at a time because I really hate that double dating and cheating. I want to learn to be with one woman as I am not yet married, so that I get used to it when I am married.

The only feeling I usually have for her is lust of which she is even aware. I personally have a taste for slim and tall ladies, but not too tall. This lady is also totally opposite (short and somehow fat). I have really been wondering the way forward for quite some time now, because nobody knows tomorrow. What if I regret tomorrow by allowing her slip away, because it’s not easy to come by such ladies with such kind of genuine love in life?

What if I regret too tomorrow by being with her when I come across someone I feel for and also feels for me? How do I go about this? Please help me and let me know when you post it for comment.

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Written by Abena Magis

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