I Don’t Want to Lose My Bestie


I have this issue which I want you and and Manokekame fans to help me. To begin with, my last relationship ended because I have a male bestie that I’m very close to. My ex boyfriend thought there was something going on between us so he also got himself a female bestie and they ended up dating.

My friends and siblings think there is something going on between us because of the way we behave towards each other. He’s dating and his girlfriend is suspicious about us, I see it in her eyes any time we meet so I try to stay away from him but he doesn’t allow me. I feel like he wants to propose to me but he is afraid I will bounce him because he knows that’s what I do to guys.

So anytime I see our conversation going that way I try to change the topic. He’s said playfully that he is going to leave his girlfriend and come and date me. He has never kissed her before but kissed me when he was helping me put on my glasses. Honestly speaking i don’t have any feelings for him. He noticed I wasn’t comfortable with him kissing me and apologised.

I want you guys to help me keep my bestie because I can’t afford to lose him as a friend but I don’t wanna date him too. Also I can’t date any guy because I feel like anything I want from a boyfriend is given to me by my bestie. Thank you. I will be reading the comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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