I Feel His Mother Has Something Against Me.


Good morning auntie. I’m dating this guy who lives in the USA for more than a year now. We planned to marry last year but a lot of issues came up the moment we brought out the date (from his mom) pertaining to the marriage.

Ff, I’m a trained teacher who was posted last year to Nkoranza and his family lives in Accra. Initially he was cool to marry me whilst I stay here till I get my release to Accra to join his family but now, that’s not the case after his mom brought up those issues.

Now he’s saying that, no release, no marriage and the truth is that I have spent only one year working under the GES. So my problem is, what if my release doesn’t go through this year? What if it doesn’t go through next year too? I’ll be turning 29 next month and I really don’t want to turn 30 before marriage.

I feel this guy is going to waste my time and I feel his mom doesn’t like me either. Please I want you and mano fans to help me know if I’m jumping into a premature conclusion. Withhold my identity please. Please alert me when you post it.Thanks.

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Written by Esther

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