I Feel Like Cutting My Dad’s Prick Off


I want to lend my voice to some of the stories shared already by adding mine to the story of the 13 year old who organizes threesomes.

My dad used to stroke my head and insert his finger down “there.*We would be watching a movie or program on TV and he would do that to me. Sometimes he’ll tell me his favorite story about a man who did everything for his daughter to show how much he loved her. He did that from when I was age 6 to 13 years. Mom was the one working 6 days a week whiles dad worked on contract so sometimes it could take him about 6 months to get a job.

He never penetrated me but from when I was 11, he made me touch him too. This continued until mum divorced him when I was 13. She wanted to take me along but I didn’t want to go because I thought he wouldn’t love me again if I wasn’t there with him. We continued until he met my step mother and then he stopped touching me.

I became jealous of her and gave her a tough time. She hated me for it and forced him to take me to boarding school before my mom came for me to live with her. She had more time for me then and made me join school clubs like reading and cadet which took my time and mind of those things.

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Now I’m 30+ and married with kids. My dad is now 79 years old and living with me and my husband (mum died years ago). I sometimes feel like cutting off his prick. He and I have had THE TALK where he apologised for doing that to me, blamed ma for not giving him sex “🙄” and some other reasons which aren’t necessary to tell. I have forgiven him but not enough for him to be around my kids (twin boys 14 and 8 year old girl).

My problem is I go to work and so does my husband. We try to get home as early as we can but my dad is the one who is always at home. He’s living with us since his room caved in and we’re renovating the entire house because the contractor did a shoddy job. I always quiz my daughter about him and she swears he’s never touched her but anytime I see him, I feel like cutting off his prick. I wish I could do something to him to make him regret all that he did to me. Forgiving him was too easy and I don’t want to tell my husband because he might think bad of me.

I know I need help so please help me.

She’s been referred to a psychiatrist

Written by Abena Magis


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