I Feel Like Dying But I Also Want To Learn How To Move On.


Auntie Abena am really sad right now and I don’t know what to do now. I’m a young lady of 26years of age. I have a son from a previous relationship. I dated way back in SHS and this guy was into women. He cheats on me with every one even my friends. I had to save their numbers as guys because he goes through my phone and picks their numbers without my knowledge and fight all my male friends.

Aunty due to that I have lost most of my friends. He moved in with me after he had a misunderstanding with his parents and I got pregnant in a few months and we made plans on settling down. Aunty, I had to stop work on the 7months of my pregnancy because the children were stressing me since I was teaching. This guy changed after that, he abused me physically and emotionally. Aunty, I gave birth on my 7months because of the stress.

Feeding became difficult for me and the child. He was never there; I later got to find out that he had impregnated someone else. He said it was because he couldn’t have sex with me because I had given birth so it was a mistake. Aunty things became worse after that because he made it clear to me he was going to get married to the two of us so if I don’t like, I should leave.

The other girl can come to our house, cook and they will eat. I couldn’t take it anymore so I got a job, gathered some money and moved out and as soon as I left the girl moved in. When my son was two years I met this guy, we had a relationship and that too did not end well. My son is now 4years and a friend of mine invited me to her church. She told me her pastor is very good and can help me so I should not give up on love because I did and concentrated on my job only. I met her pastor after church service; we talked for a while and he encouraged me and I went home.

I didn’t return to the church again until after a few months the pastor called me and invited me to his house saying he had seen something about me we needed to discuss.I got there and he couldn’t say anything.The long and short is that we started a relationship aunty. He is not married and he told me the lady he wanted to marry travelled and he does not want to have anything again to do with her. Just this Saturday he called me to come help him do some washing, clean up and cook which I did because I had always been doing that.

Aunty, I finished up, slept over and came back to my house on Monday. Since that day he changed. I confronted him and he told me the lady is coming and we should end everything. All I could say was “ok” and I dropped the call. Aunty as at now I still can’t come to terms with it.I’m very very sad. My heart is heavy, my tears can’t stop and I’m dying slowly inside. I wish I could do something to get my mind of it because I’m a private teacher and we have been home since this pandemic.

Aunty Abena, I feel like dying. I have come to terms with the fact that love is not for me. Aunty, please I want you and your audience to help me overcome what I’m going through please help me out.

Written by Esther

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