Booty Call – I Hate What We Did


2 years ago, I met this lady on my way to campus. She was stranded waiting for a friend to pick her up to the hospital. She didn’t tell me what she was going to do there and I didn’t ask. We got there and her sister rushed to ask her for money. Looking at how tensed she was when she said she didn’t have it on her, I asked for her contact and promised to send her something small.

I got to work and in an hour sent her 350. She called me in the evening and thanked me.

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The following day, her mother and sister also called to thank me. She called me later in the day to ask when she can see me. I really wasn’t feeling that vibe but promised to meet later.

She kept calling but I’ll postpone until we met again at a program. She came there with some friends of hers. I was alone so she stayed with me throughout. We had a good conversation and I went to drop her off.

Fast forward, after that we started chatting. She told me she’s a single parent and the one on admission the first day we met was her son. The father refused the pregnancy and she’s been the one taking care of him. He has sickle cell and was falling sick very often.

I never really expressed interest in her but we clicked. She invited me to her house one day. I got there and there was no light, dum. She served me some food and we chatted for a bit. I wanted to go and this girl gave me a deep kiss. I became horny at once and asked her if she’s sure about this. She said she hadn’t had sex for 6 years and really wanted to feel like a woman.

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It’s a single room self contained but she’d used a curtain to divide the room. I was there for almost 3 hours but didn’t see her son so I thought he was with her mother. (She once told me the mother often went for the boy because where she was living, the place was always cold and it affected him)

She pulled me to the bed and gave me another kiss before pushing me to sit on it. We kissed more and she removed my shirt. I wanted her too much. I pulled down her jeans and pushed her onto the bed for a hot doggy. She wasn’t even wearing pants. I love a girl to moan and call my name when I’m giving it to her hard but this girl was quiet. I kept asking her to mention my name but she didn’t say anything.

Got bored and almost stopped but her hot hole made me go crazy. She cum before I did and after pulled me back to the sofa. I thought she wanted more there but she told me to wait, she’s coming. Auntie Abena, can you believe this girl went to bed and came back with her son?

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Ah I was shocked. Wait? Your son was in the room all that time? She said yes. He was on the bed whiles we were having sex? She said yes too. Eh. According to her, he took medicine that could make him sleep for long hours but he woke up whiles we were having sex and started moving. She had to put her hand on his leg to calm him down.

“So why didn’t you tell me? I would have stopped immediately!” She said that’s why she didn’t tell me because she was really enjoying and didn’t want me to stop. She thought her son will sleep again but he didn’t. But you have chairs or could have told me to go for a guest house for the night and maybe take your son to your mother first. She wasn’t getting my point and kept telling me not to take it too serious. Like seriously?

I just left there. She called me continuously for weeks but I refused to pick. I felt so bad and I still can’t believe she made me do that. I really respected her before that. She made me lose all respect for her. Since then, no matter how much I like you, I won’t enter your room. You either visit me or we visit a guest house. Also, single mothers are out. I’m no longer interested in them.

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Written by Abena Magis


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