I Have to Fight For His Love


Good evening to you and your loyal followers. I am so broken and really need an advice from your fans.

So last year January, I met this guy who had just moved into our neighborhood and wanted us to be friends. Because he didn’t have any friends or relatives in that area he was mostly bored at home.

One night, he called me on phone and confessed his love to me. I couldn’t turn him down because I felt the same way too. Maybe it was because he was so caring and sweet. Hmmmm after he realized I was so deeply in love with him, he changed totally. He refused to call any more, no texts and he refused to even answer my phone calls.

Out of frustration, I confronted him and he said, there was this lady that he loved but she refused his proposal because he wasn’t working then. Now that he is working the lady has now accepted his proposal so he doesn’t know how to tell the lady he is in love with me. Because of that what he had decided to do was to keep us both and see who is best for him before he will finally chooses.

I feel betrayed, my heart is broken into pieces. I feel he just ignited the love in me and left me hanging. Now I have to compete for his love with another woman. I don’t know what to do now. Should I stay and fight for his love or just leave? He is the only one I have truly loved. Please no insults because I am already bleeding. Will be reading the comments. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. You can always fall in love or truly love someone , endure the pain and move on .some one better will come your way one day

  2. At times you don’t have to fight for love, you just have to prove. Let him know the other lady doesn’t deserve him bcos her love is conditional and that should be jobless sometime to come, she’s gon leave. If he doesn’t pay heed and be with u then he doesn’t make better choices, he doesn’t deserve you… Let that be ur easy way to move on

  3. Ai, fight for which love? That would be the beginning of your doom. Love is a hard deal especially in cases like this and it’s going to be hard dealing with it but please do everything possible to move on. A man needs to prove himself to you, not the other way round. He won’t respect you ever if you tread on that road. You need someone who values you and sees that he can only find his gold in you and no one else. Abeg let the guy go. He’s not serious. You deserve better and even the best not someone who will make you have to fight. You’re a queen, see yourself as such and call next to a better guy

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