I Helped My Girlfriend but She’s Changed

Aunty, please there is this lady I met during my national service at a village in the Central Region, I met her as a sales girl to an insurance company in Cape Coast. I met her way back 2015, we exchanged contacts and got to know she’s an s.h.s graduate, I showed interest and she accepted.

A friend of mine at Ola College of Education told me he has a protocol for admissions, so he can help if I know any lady or family member who wants to continue with her education. I told him I have met this lady but she has a problem with her maths, if he can help. So the guy instructed me to let her buy the forms and print it out so he ( my guy friend ) could work on it.

Fast forward, I was charged 900.00 as connection fee to help her gain admission, she finally got the admission, it was good news to all but a headache to me, the father paid for the admission fee but told the girl to buy the necessary items since she has worked small.

Honestly, she had nothing, from A- Z on her prospectus I bought them, by then my service has ended, she started school that same year in 2015, her demands at school was too much but I hustled to meet them for her.

Gracefully, she has completed, done her national service, got posted and is on government payroll .

I started some business in September 2018, I was doing very well but went down again in March 2020 because of the Covid 19″, I asked her for 350.00 to add to what I have so I could register the business to help me get the stimulose package as promised by the government, but she told me she didn’t have. She has never given me even 100.00 to put into the business or on me.

Anytime, I ask something small from her she gives me stories. My fear is am I safe with her in the future? Cox , what I know is, you invest in your wife/ girlfriend so when you go broke they help but … It is no with this girl.

The annoying part is, she has money but won’t give me but people outside her life which are not even her family members, she spent over 1000.00 during the Xmas on gifts to people. advise needed, Am i safe with her with my future?

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Forget her and move on in your life else hmmm. Don’t even think of marrying her and don’t ask her for money again. Chairman go hustle again 🙏🙏

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