I Hid His Girlfriend’s Phone Under My Bed


Please I need you to post this for me. I moved into this new neighborhood a few months ago and my next door neighbor, Jake (name changed) started being so nice with me. I just took it as friendship until he started showing interest and one day came to tell me he was facing relationship issues with his girlfriend so I should make him happy.

Now, I know every relationship has it ups and downs so I can’t make you happy Mr. But he kept repeating it over and over again until I found myself in his arms and everything began to “flow.” Mind you he’s a nice looking guy and has a really beautiful personality. So we’ve been together for a couple of months now and it’s now that I’m realizing his girlfriend wasn’t to blame for all their issues as he made it look.

To my main point; I got home from work yesterday and realized there was a lady in his room, not his main girlfriend so I went straight into my room. He called me on phone and told me that he was going to meet his boss for something. I just said okay, pretending to not know what was going on.

Just this morning I woke up to take my shower but had to use the rest room first. I realized there was someone in there so moved away. Just as I was about entering my room, I noticed his door was opened ajar so I looked inside and saw there was no one but the lady’s phone was on the bed. Then it clicked to me that maybe she was in the toilet with him and he couldn’t come out because he knew I was still waiting for them to come out.

I went to take the lady’s phone and checked to see the wallpaper and it wasn’t the girlfriend (so yes I was right). i went back and pushed against the washroom door with all my strength and he pushed back. The lady now said “please I’m in here” so it’s officially clear and confirmed. I immediately went into the shower and he came knocking on the door but I didn’t mind him.

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When they went back to his room they realized the lady’s phone was nowhere to be found. I put it under my bed. He now entered my room and asked if I’d entered his room because he took “Jennifer” made up name, his main girlfriend to the washroom because her stomach was hurting but can’t find her phone now.

While talking, he was calling the girl’s phone so I told him to let the girlfriend rest wherever she is and stop lying on her innocent name. As I’m typing this; the girl’s phone is under my bed and I’m at work now. Please what should I do ? Give it to his girlfriend and apologize to her and move on or what? Please help.

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Written by Abena Magis


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