I Left Because of Her Ex


I left a relationship nearing marriage all in the name of “My Ex” “My Bestie.”
Auntie Abena, sometimes some ladies and guys do value the friends they term BESTIE or their Exes even more than their partners.
This whole thing began when she got pregnant here in Accra. I took the bold step to see her family and promised to marry her when she finally delivers.
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During the later part of the pregnancy, she dropped a bombshell. She told me a guy whom she once dated is now abroad. That this her ex had promised to marry her together with my baby.
I giggled and acted dumb. She kept communication so tight with her ex that I needed to caution her.
I cautioned her and she promised to stop.
Auntie Abena, you won’t believe she broke this promise. She will sneak to call her ex or bestie or whatever and delete the messages afterwards. According to her, her ex proposed long before she met me. But she forgot she once told me they were once going out.
She successfully delivered through CS.
I spat fire exactly a week after birth. Would you  believe her ex returned to Ghana a month or two before she delivered and I never knew?
After being discharged from the hospital, I glanced through her phone and realized she calls her ex early in the morning and they would speak all day long. I was becoming scared. I needed to act this time so I  spat fire and Auntie Abena, truth be told, I told her to choose between the guy and me. She insulted me well well.
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She later felt like apologizing and I forgave her because a week after having given birth was too early for all these issues. Auntie Abena, it didn’t end there. Just last 2 months, I realized they were still communicating with each other. Glancing through the call log this time, I realized she is the first to call him every morning and I got mad.
My uncle asked why she still speaks daily to someone who has expressed interest in marrying her together with my baby? She said she once blocked the guy but his sisters called to apologize so she had to unblock him.
I felt useless because this is the girl I offered my little earnings to in order not to see her worried. I told her mum I want to break up because I had cautioned her enough. She said OK.
My worry right now is that, I never wanted to have a child with someone without settling with her but that is exactly what has happened.
I wish her well.

Written by Abena Magis


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