I Like Her Too


Please I seriously need advice from your fans. After I completed university, I made friends with a guy whose room was next to mine. I got a job in the same town my friend lives in and moved there in 2018.

There is this girl I used to see around my area. I was really into this lady and planning to approach her. One day, my friend back at the uni visited and told me he has a former school mate also in my area and was really interested in dating her.

We planned to visit this lady together and when we got to the lady’s house to my surprise, it was this same person I have been crushing on. Hmm I took it normal but later became more close to the lady.

Auntie Abena, it’s like this lady also likes me a lot. But here is the case my friend is yet to even propose to her. Mano fans please should I still propose to her or keep pretending and waiting for my friend to propose? I don’t want to become a betrayer because I didn’t tell him I’m also interested in her. What if I propose, she accepts and he finds out?

Note that, this is a lady I really love and can’t wait to settle down with. With my friend, I don’t know his mind about her yet.

Written by Abena Magis

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