I Love My Wife but I Can’t Keep Starving


I must say am impressed with your work. I am a devoted follower of your page. I have an issue that I see need help with.

This year marks the 6th year of my marriage to my beautiful and lovely wife. In fact I love her to the core, and we are cool waaaa. I know there is no marriage without problems, but this problem deɛɛ, I don’t know how long I can hold on. We have sex once a month and that is only when she is ovulating. On the other days, when i initiate, it comes with struggles, and attitudes to even put you off.

We have discussed it both soft and hard and yet nothing. We have sought for medical treatment but still. I am a helper at home, I’ve been helping in all house chores at home since day one, but to solve the issues, i intensified the tasks I take at home so that she doesn’t feel tired and hence we can enjoy ourselves, but yet nothing. I am home from work all the time, we chat and the convo is good, but yet nothing.

Recently she started taking libido drugs which makes her horny often and sex was good but she stopped because though she feels for sex, she doesn’t want to feel for it because to her she feels lazy to go through that process. I asked her why she behaves the way she does and, she said she feels lazy for sex. She can be there the whole day doing nothing yet she is tired. She evem stopped me from sex because she gets tired of orgasms.

Auntie Abena, is it slow, hard, soft, I do it the way she wants it and where and how she want it. My personal mindset is that, you need to satisfy your woman and she’ll give back to you, so I do exactly that. I make her squirt and all that. Financially too, we are okk, so I just don’t get it. She woke me up at dawn to tell me she doesn’t know what is wrong with her but that I should cope with her. I am not sure I can do that.

Way back in secondary school, I was ranked the biggest dick till I left so I know I got the goods and how to use it too. Now I have decided to get a woman who is willing and available for exchange of pleasure. I don’t want to marry another other woman. I just need a woman who is enlightened, respectful and understand that, we’re just giving ourselves sexual vibes and care.

Please help me, because I am starving and need help urgently. Post it for me for advise from the public, I will listen. Those who want to insult can do so because it’s normal if you aren’t in my shoes.

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Written by Abena Magis

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