I Made His Friend Wash His Clothes


Good evening Kekame fans please I really need advice. I’m married to this gentle but arrogant man with a son. A husband who never sees anything wrong with talking to lady friends during bedtime.

He used to work with one of the collapsed banks but he’s now unemployed. My husband eats and leaves the dirty bowls overnight and won’t mind eating from the same dirty bowl the next day. When I complained bitterly over this attitude, he said washing bowls isn’t his job therefore if I should spend two days at work, he would still wait for me to come and wash dem.

I’m a government worker with a good enough salary to push the family but my husband never thinks of tomorrow. He told me to give him money to organize a goat for his friends to enjoy this festive season while we have rent to renew in January 2021. I told him there’s no money and boom he wants burn the sea on me.

Manofans please my problem now is, he’s mad that I made my male friend help me wash his clothes. Washing clothes is never something he’ll help me do. He’s the fashion slaying type and can change clothes like four times before night falls.

I made this male friend of his help me wash and he’s complaining I made a stranger touch his underwear. Please I want to request to know where I went wrong and promise not to repeat my self again. Thanks Soo much.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Obaa weyi de3? You went too far! Sexism eh? Hmmmmm the damage it has done to people?
    But you too, when you wash dishes what really go happen? I know you working and bringing in the finances….but chale manage. You can train him to help you. As for denying his goat request, I support that one! If he wants goat for his friends, his friends must also bring money for the goat. No dulling!
    Men like this eh? Hmmmmm!
    Chale, sorry! as for the washing de3? You went overboard!

  2. Aarhhhh…but why will u let his male friend wash his clothes……next time wash it alone and it shouldn’t be all but wash what u can wash. Its like you are selling your home to another man by him washing your husband clothes. So how do u the woman also feel by letting ur husband friend wash ur husband clothes. You both will loose respect if that gets out of hand..
    Pls next time, just wash what u can wash. The romans didn’t use 1day to build Rome.

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