I Pranked My Girlfriend, She Says It’s Over


My heart is in pain and this goes to Pauline, she’s on the page and she should please understand me. Please post but keep me hidden.

I met Pauline on your page, she’s very rich but her profile doesn’t show. Very simple girl who met me the first time by taking a trotro but when going to visit her in her house, she came to pick me up in a RAV4. She comes from a very rich home and the father has given his 3 daughters everything they’ll need so that they don’t have to depend on any man for anything (something I dey admire).

I was surprised when she told me she’s single because auntie Abena, Pauline is slim, respectful, smart, beautiful, wears good clothes and always smells good. She has her own house and car and works but her father gives her some big allawa (allowance) every 6 months. I didn’t believe her and after she accepted my proposal, I pulled a prank on her by letting my best friend contact her to see if she’ll turn to him.

He also comes from a rich home and happily married so he made me this favour. Somehow my woman got to know and has blocked both of us after warning us from ever contacting her again. I’ve been hurt in the past and was just scared. Now my love for her has over me. I need you Pauline, I told you my heart towards you is poor and I’m sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me.

Thank you auntie.

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Written by Abena Magis


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