I Really Want Our Relationship To Work.


Hello Aunty, thanks for the good works, kindly post this anonymously.
I am a lady, 27yrs of age. I just started a relationship with a dear friend months after a very very depressing breakup.
He’s been there, he’s seen me in relationship and out, in fact he’s seen how I am when I am beginning to fall for someone new….note: I do not discuss my relationship with friends and we aren’t the private life jisting kind of friends and we’re so cool like that. We can talk about every and anything, I only have my boundaries.

From the start of our friendship almost four years ago, he use to call me his crush but we crossed that part to real friendship. We’ve worked together by referring each other for business……

Few days ago, we spent almost all night talking about life, growing up, relationship….just anything.
He actually said he wonders what it would take for him to make me feel the way I did over a guy I liked recently.

I was a little supprised cos he sounded more serious this time. All along, I thought I wasn’t his kind and I was content with our friendship. So I asked “So what stopped you from making me know, I thought you were so fine just having me as a friend”.

What he said touched me “It’s part of friendship, when you’re friends with someone, what makes them happy matters to you”. For me that’s love.
This is someone I use to have photoshoots with in my ex fiance’s house (He’s a photographer), he’s never tried anything silly with me, I don’t recognize friendship when it’s time for business, Nii would absorb my pressure, sometimes anger and apologise later and do something to appreciate my referral.

Now here, we’ve started a relationship, I am happy, it feels so right, I am glad its not starting with “butterflies in belly” kind of thing. We intend having a weekend getaway soon to talk more you know… a part of me is worried, I wouldn’t want to lose our friendship because we tried a relationship. I want it to work but what if it doesn’t? I am scared of losing our friendship.

I believe in “marry your friend” but I also believe the fact that you are amazing friends doesn’t mean you’ll make an amazing couple. Family please what is your take? I will be reading comments.

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Written by Esther

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