I Suspect My Husband Has Another Child


I have been marred for six year. Sometimes we are happy, other times too we are not but, our fight is mostly based on his ex girlfriend. He dated me first and cheated on me with me, he apologized and I forgave him. We got married afterwards and I have given him four children. After all these years, my husband is still in contact with his ex for 4 years now. I have told him to stop but it mostly results in a fight.

Even when he is travelling he has to inform her. When I confront him after seeing her messages to him, he will keep malice with me and I will be the one to apologize to him just for things to settle. Just yesterday they talked on the phone and my husband deleted all their messages on whatsapp. I found out he has been sending her momo above GHS100. There is also a child that the girl has used as her dp who really looks like my husband. I want to confront him about it and I know it will definitely result in a fight.

I have been praying but I don’t know what to do. I also have high blood pressure and don’t want to trigger it. Please I need advice as to how to confront him about the momo and the child, and why I have asked him to stop talking to her yet he still disrespects me. I love my husband but don’t know if he loves me too. I’m thinking of leaving the marriage. I will be reading the comments.thank you. Please hide my ID. Some of my friends are here.

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Written by Abena Magis

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