I Used Hot Atopa to Change My Hubby’s Mind


I am a married woman who trusted my husband so much till he cheated on me. When I found out he apologised and I forgave him for us to move on. From there onwards, I started secretly snooping once in a while on his phone in order not to be taken by surprised like the first time.

Yesterday I saw a chat between him and a lady. He invited her to visit our town and the lady asked for transportation money which he sent her, GHS150. Knowing that they planned to meet, I gave him sex well well last night so as to exhaust him.

This morning I heard him talking to the lady that there is an emergency he needs to attend to therefore if she hasn’t set off she should make it another time. I want to confront my husband about it but don’t know how to. Please any suggestions on how to confront him or should I ignore them and move on? I am a working mother but at times I find it difficult to concentrate because of all these.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Madam, why do you want to confront him? At least, you have found a cure to it- the adopa way. Continue to use it the more. Visit xvideos for more atopa styles, lol.

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