I Want Him to Marry Another


I hope you are doing great. Please I want you to post this for me because I need advice from you and your cherished fans.

My boyfriend and I have dated for six months now. After a month of our dating, he requested to see my mum. I agreed but told him to give me sometime to talk to her about him. After I’m done before I take him to her which he agreed. I spoke to my mum and she welcomed the idea.

But a day before I was supposed to bring him home she asked of his tribe. When i told her he’s a Ga, her mood changed and she told me not to bring him to her house anymore because she has already warned me about Gas and Ewes. I pleaded with her to just to allow me bring him to greet her but she said “No”

When I told him what she said, he got very angry and told me that we should break up but I said No. After sometime, things came back to normal between us again and we continued with our relationship

We then decided to give my mum sometime and go back to talk to her again. One afternoon he called and invited me to a family program in the house. He wanted to use it and introduce me to his family. We went and they were happy to see me because they said he had never brought a woman home before.

His mother passed away during the lock down so his mother’s sister advised me to be a good gal and all that for her niece to marry me

Right now, they have started giving him pressure to get married because he is the first born of seven and even their last born is married with a child. He is in his late 30s and am in my early 20s, so I suggested to him yesterday that we should break up

He should find a woman and get married to because he is growing older each passing day. I have now started a pharmaceutical school which is for six months but after that I will still go for nursing training and I have a lot ahead of me

Though I’ve told him to find find someone else he’s refusing to understand me. He thinks I want to break up with him that is why am saying that but the truth is I don’t want to be selfish. Meanwhile with the pressure on him, I doubt he can wait four or five years for me to be ready for marriage.

He still doesn’t want to understand the fact that I am even thinking about him more than myself. I am confused and I don’t know if the decision I have taken is the right thing to do or not. Please I need advice from you and your fans.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I hope you do not come to regret this decision later in life,Cos to breakup with a guy just cos he is serious about you and want to marry you in this age where guys are scared of marriage is serious.
    And why should you accept him in the first place if you know you are in school.

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