I Want Our Relationship To Work But He Keeps Friendzoning Me.


Hello aunty, pls keep me anon….
I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year now. In the beginning I didn’t love him that much cos I felt he wasn’t the guy of my type but this guy made me fall in love with him thru his behavior.

Abena he’s very cool and not an outing type, dnt really like friends ; his lifestyle is church, work to home that’s it. Since I met him iv never call of coming to him before.
I go there anytime I want. I have never met any girl at his place he doesn’t even lock his door. He will leave it for one newphew. I come around at anytime even when he’s not back from work (he works with his mum and so he drives de old lady to work and they both come back)

If I dnt reach him, I call his mum nd I’m free to go…his family loves me too much likewise my family too. Wen I sleep over, we do morning devotion together with de family sometimes I follow them to work.
To cut everything short Abena, like we vibe ankasa. The problem is he said he wants me as a friend now.

This guy says it severally but we still vibe and do everything. Absolutely nothing has changed in his actions. He calls, randomly cares but keeps on telling me I shouldn’t see him as ma fiancé but rather a friend after saying that too he don’t fuck me. I told him he broke ma heart nd I sometimes cry but anytime he sees that I’m hurt or cries then he change his words then he pamper me then we fuck.

When I’m ok then he tells me again that we should remain friends for the right time and I won’t understand him today buh one day I will understand him. He will add I’m free to come there at anytime like how we vibe but we must remain friends for now and I shouldn’t break our friendship. He gets bored nd disturbed when he dnt get in touch with me.

He can call ma mum or ma sis jst to know my wherabout but this I guy I Love so much, whom I can Risk my life for has friendzoned me and I’m really disturbed. Should I let him go, he’s wasting my time. Or should I relax for him? things will change…I NEED UR ADVISE PLEASE.

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Written by Esther


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  1. My dear, look for the next option…..hes never going to be with u…..u will only find out later that u r only a *fucking mate* and nothing more…..theres someone that he intends to settle down with…..brace ursef up now and accept his friendship….he’s no more into u….except tht he can’t give u a reason if you should ask him why he has moved down the ladder of ur relationship to just a friend zone.

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