I Want to Divorce Him


Good afternoon to you and Mano fans. God bless the good work you doing. I have a problem.

I’m married and have a beautiful daughter but my hubby doesn’t help me in any way, no motivation, no attention, no care, no compliment or whatsoever.

Last week, he went to town and didn’t come home norr call to lemme know so that I lock the door or at least respect me that I’m his wife and therefore have to know where he is. He came home the following morning around 7am.

After opening the door for him, he wanted to play with me which I resisted and went back to sleep. Smh he’s rather angry and been acting up in the house over that. He doesn’t eat the food I prepare neither do I complain. Tweaa. I eat everything with my daughter, after I will FaceTime and sleep.

The love I have for him is no more there. I think I’m fed up with this marriage and want to opt for divorce. Am I on the right path?

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Written by Abena Magis

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