I Want to Dump 2 of My Boyfriends


I’m dating three boys. I used to love all of them but two of them don’t work. I didn’t start by dating all of them at the same time. Two of them are my exes who broke up with me and later came back into my life. Only one is working and I think he is the right choice for me.

However, I don’t know how to break up with the other two because I am afraid the one I like now might break my heart. He’s always posting different girls pictures. He has never posted my picture before, always different girls and those he take pictures with them too, hmm. I’m short of words to describe how this makes me feel.

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Auntie her, he is older than me so I can’t relate with him like how I relate with the other 2. He is someone with a little class. He is not like, “let’s go here, let’s meet or come visit me.” He is cool even though I like boys who are wild and the crazy type who joke or fool around because I am that type but I respect him.

I want to marry him too but I have doubts about he not hurting me. All the girls he’s friends with, even though I am beautiful than some of them, they have butt, hips, breasts, body shape on point that boys like. As for me, I’ve a flat ass, slim, no shape with just a beautiful face and boobs which aren’t all that big.

Please let your manofans help me and advice me on what to do either. Also how do I relate with a bf who is 3 years older than me in terms of everything especially the romantic side. Do you think I should continue dating all three or cut ties with two?

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Written by Abena Magis


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