I Want to Question His Family


Good day. Errrrr….. I am short of words. Greetings to all the manofans and would like to make my issue short. I need advice.

I met my boyfriend about 2 months ago and he sent me home to meet his nuclear family (mum and elder sister) where he made his intentions towards me to them.

Fast forward, I went to visit him one day and a lady snuck into the room I was in and from what she told me, she has a child with my guy but he’s not taking fatherly responsibilities of the child. Thus, she won’t sit down and watch him spend money on any lady if he is refusing to take care of his own child.

From further info from the baby mama, the guy has been feeding me lies all this while:

  1. He has 2 children with different mum’s
  2. He is married and his wife is outside
  3. He is operating a boutique and they stay in different town etc

So my guy heard her telling me all these and came to tell me his side and pleaded that we move on after the incidence. According to him, the child isn’t his.

What I don’t understand is that his family received me well even though he’s married with kids. Please give me the advice because I sometimes feel like questioning the people he introduced me to. Honestly I wouldn’t hide my feelings. I am in a very great pain. Seems like relationship is not my style 😟😥😥

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Written by Abena Magis


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