I Want to Walk Away After 7 Years


I will really like to share my story because I need advice. I’m 27 years old and educated. A year after breaking up with my ex in my previous relationship, I met this guy who used to live in the same hood as I did when I was younger. He took my number from a friend and started calling me. I tried ignoring him due to my past experiences but decided to give him a try because he looked quite gentle and nice.

2 months after we started dating, he told me his story about him living with a pastor. He said he used to live with his ex until one day he went out and came home only to find out that the lady had taken all the things in their room and ran away.

He said he had nowhere to go because he was an orphan. I felt pity for him and agreed with him when he wanted to come stay with me so that we start life together. I was renting and living on my own and though I didn’t like the idea at first, I gave in later. We were happy together and lived like man and wife.

Then later, I found out he was an illiterate as in he couldn’t read nor write. He told me he couldn’t go to school because of his parents’ death. I was moved and because I loved him so much, I didn’t mind. I later got to meet his brother, sister and aunties and was happy that they all liked me. I supported him financially because he was jobless at that time. I had a white man who was in USA and helping and life was ok for us.

Unfortunately, things changed so I started facing financial challenges and that’s when I found out that my boyfriend was into women. He’ll cheat, I’ll find out, he’ll shed tears and apologize and I’ll forgive him. Because things were so bad I started doing petty jobs just to survive.

Later we couldn’t pay the house rent and decided to move. We stayed apart until a room was ready at my dad’s house for me to move in. He also joined me there though I was scared because my dad never liked the idea. He got a construction job and I also found work to do but I lost that one too and that was when he begun, he insulted me anytime he liked, no longer respected me, and even said I am not helping him in life and all sort of insults. I shed so much tears and started losing weight. He’ll go out, bring food, drinks, biscuits etc. He gets so many calls and goes out to answer them.

One day he was eating when someone called him so many times that he had to stop eating and go out to answer (to prevent me from hearing him). He was gone for an hour call so I decided to follow him. Immediately he saw me approaching, he cut the call.

I asked him, “so if you were with the person you were talking to and saw my call, will you step out like this to answer?”

His answer was insults. I just left him and came into the room. After his call,.he came Into the room and told me that, he can see I don’t want him to prosper. That he has meet someone who wants to help him and I want to destroy it. That he won’t follow me and live in poverty.

The sad thing is we’ve been together for 7 years and both our families know each other. We’re living together but with this, I want to quit. I want some advice on this please.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Sad you’ve been together for so long but please move on my dear before it gets too late.

    Always better late than never. Best of luck

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