I Was Put to Test and I Failed


Good evening to you and your lovely fans. God bless you always for the good job.
Please I want you and your fans to help me with a question baffling my mind.

Is it good for your boyfriend to put you to test? I know we all need help sometimes but this my boyfriend demanded an amount of money from me. I told him I didn’t have any (knowing very well that I’m not working).

Although he insisted I give it to him I thought he was just kidding in a way so I didn’t take it that serious, not knowing he was putting me to test🙄 to see if I’ll be willing to help him or not. 

I love him very much but due to this issue, he has developed the perception that I’m selfish😩 and greedy. That I don’t care about him and then I take things anyhow all because I never bothered to find out about whether he got some of the amount he wanted or not.

We were on phone one afternoon when something just came up which I needed money to do it. I then asked him whether he will pay that money for me. That’s where it all started. He dressed (blasted) me well well.

I felt very bad but I know I’m not selfish or stingy as he claims. I  love my KKJ very much but things are changing between us due to this issue. He is on this platform too.
Please let your fans help me if it’s appropriate to put your gal to test. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Testing a partner is very risky especially if you are serious about the outcome bcos you either conclude that he/she is this(e.g: good) or that(e.g: bad). Testing a partner should be for fun or just for an adventure which you gotta open up to him/her jovially right after no matter the consequences. At times it creates drama or adds a new flavor to a relationship. But once again that’s also a bit risky, know ur partner and know his/her sense of humor. His test to u wasn’t right if he really didn’t need the money for anything. And u should have followed on it to show u care even if u thought ewas joking.

    If he needed it and blasted u bcos u didn’t care, take it as his way of expressing his displeasure, he could have harbored it and marked u without ur knowledge so just apologize. He could have done better too by opening up earlier before u being in need first.
    I hope he sees this comment too. Thanks.

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