I’m Gay but Won’t Tell


I’m a girl of 24 years and I’m gay. When I got to find out about this weird feelings I had towards same sex I became confused and scared. I couldn’t inform my parents about it. Yes. We all know how African parents would react towards this.

I had a boyfriend by then and thought I’d be necessary to speak to him about it. That’s because I felt I needed someone to talk to. Like the mistakes most Ghanaian society do, he never tried to understand my situation. I didn’t force myself to become this way, it just came by itself. However after we had that conversation I was never the same Vee I was, to him

He saw me as a different person. Yes, a lot changed about him. I’ve never been with any guy after him. I’ve just been with ladies

I understand it’s against our society yes and I know the consequences but what else can I do? I can’t live to impress the society whilst I die slowly within. I can’t be with someone I don’t love just to impress others.

So with my experience if I should really get married to a guy for which I’m having doubts I would, I would never disclose who I am to him, just to save the marriage.

Though there are some men who would react differently to this though I would never risk it again

So with the my past experience, I think a gay person might hide his or her identity when he or she marries a straight person just to save the marriage yhh….

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Written by Abena Magis


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