I’m Having Suicidal Thoughts Because of My Gf


I really need your help. I have dated this lady for 2 years and before God and man this lady knows nothing about a woman’s position in a relationship. How a woman can talk to a man or pamper him when he’s tired or when there’s an argument, this lady feels it’s a competition between the two of us.

She sometimes talks to me about her friends who are sooo much into their guys but she feels they don’t know what they are doing. I really love her but because of her man-like attitude and bossy lifestyle I always relax when marriage comes in mind.

I am someone who really likes to have a nice time with my woman and not necessarily sex but we talk make fun and laugh. However here’s the case this lady chooses when to laugh and when to smile.

She can just wake up and frown all day. I sometimes feel so lonely even though she is around me because here is the case your partner is not ready to make a happy home. She can be on here phone playing games all day. She also decides when she wants to have sex.

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I have been tempted to cheat a lot of time but I always say no. I have 2 ladies I always talk to and they make me feel soo special but I ignore them. All because of the lady I am with she knows nothing about SORRY, FORGIVE ME.

She sees those words as nothing. When she even makes a mistake I will have to rather go and talk to her and apologise so we can get back to normal. I am really not happy.

I need help on how to handle this because I’m having suicidal thoughts.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I think my dear your case is just like mine, but want to let you that she is not worth dying for ok just let go of everything and work on yourself the right person who will make you the happiest man on earth is waiting for you.. be prayerful i know it not easy but you will be fine trust me..

  2. We need to call a Spade a Spade…My brother Marriage is a beautiful thing, but if you dont choose write..IT CAN MAKE OR UNMAKE YOU….Infact you are lucky to see the signs earlier… You better run for your life..Die today and she will get another man who will show her how to behave well..LIVE AND CHOOSE TO LET HER GO, AND YOU WILL MEET YOUR HEART DESIRE…..Pray for God to bring the right person..and BE WISE Wai

  3. Please do not kill yourself for anyone. God created you for a purpose on this earth. If you feel the relationship is not going well and that you don’t see a future with her. please talk it out with her and come to a conclusion. And if you are o break up, break up and go your separate ways. Pray to God (if you are a Christian) and study the bible. God will give you peace and joy and then bring along the right person at the right time. God loves you.

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