I’m in Love with My Girlfriend’s Daughter


My girlfriend and I have been dating for sometime, actually two years. We’re really serious about each other so she’s moved in with me. My big problem is I’ve fallen in love with her daughter.

We’re both 33 years old. When we started dating I knew she had an 18 old daughter (as a result of teenage pregnancy) but I didn’t mind. I was ready to become her father and we interacted over the years.

My girlfriend moved in with me because we have a baby together. Her daughter also recently moved in with us and honestly, auntie Abena, I’m starting to have feelings for her.

I’ve tried several times to resist these feelings but they keep growing stronger. It’s not like I don’t love her mother, I really do but this thing is haunting me to the core.

I need help else I will do the unthinkable.

And one aspect of the situation is that the girl has curves and everything but she doesn’t put on clothes to cover up. I’ve spoken to her so many times but she’s adamant. Looks like that’s the wordrobe trend.

I’m really traumatised. I don’t want to push myself into this but the feeling is too intense.

I recently opened up to the mother (my woman) and told her to send the child away but she is hesitant that the girl has nowhere to go.

Please any advice? I don’t want to do the worst and regret.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Wofa. Please. Hmm. Nothing is killing u that u can not control. Self control wae. Yes u will regret it n u gut a baby with her mother, imaging someone(stepfather ) also allows akonno bone leads him to want to have sex with ur daughter, will U be ok? Stay away!!! She is ur daughter too. Her mother is there so send the desire to her mother only. LEAVE THE GAL ALONE!!

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