I’m in Love with My Landlord


Please I hope you are fine. I’ve been living in a house for the last two months. Since I’m an indoor staying type of person, my landlord became friends with me. As time went on, he became my very best friend that we spoke about everything about us.

He lives with his girlfriend and two kids. I could always sense something was wrong with him because he always looked quiet and sad. But since he became friends with me he became happy. We talked, and did most things together.

About his history with his girlfriend, he said she is a cheat and very disrespectful to him, but he still stayed with her for the sake of his kids. They have broken up severally even when I hadn’t come to stay in the house, because she misbehaved by maltreating him.

He’s sacked a few times but she always went to plead with someone very prominent to come and beg on her behalf. Then he will forgive her only for her to repeat it another time.

We became so close that one thing led to the other and we had sex. It continued for sometime, then one day he asked me what should he do concerning her. I told him that I am not the best person to advise him so he should seek advice from an elderly person.

One day, I texted him and told him I’m not comfortable sleeping with another woman’s man, and I am very sorry for causing him pain. He told me to delete it which I didn’t so he told me he’s also sorry and will take me as the sister he never had.

The next day, he came into my room and we nearly had sex but I stopped him. Now I love him sooo much and don’t know what to do. Please I need your advice on this. No insults please.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I don’t know if de man is married to de lady
    If so den pls go on ur knees n ask for forgiveness cox one day de consequences ll be waiting u.
    Dont follow de love u have for him today but wat happens tomorrow
    U can follow ur emotions but at de end u alone ll suffer so my sister becareful n pray for ur own n God ll intervene pls

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