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I have been doing something for almost a month now and I want to use this platform to educate some of the ladies out there.

I have been dating a young beautiful lady in my church. Every Sunday after church, I drive her to her house and sometimes pick her up from work too during the week days. I asked her about her boyfriend and she gave excuses but I know she is in a serious relationship.

Last week we had sex, and after it, I pressed upon her to tell me what was going on with her and the boyfriend. “He is not serious in life, he is always broke,” she said.

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Meanwhile, for the past two weeks, she has been fueling the car I use because I told her I didn’t have money. This lady is ready to leave her two years relationship to be with me because she thinks I am hard working since I use a car. The fact is, the car is not mine, it’s for a friend who traveled to Canada some months ago. She doesn’t know that.

She is not ready to help her so called “broke boyfriend” whom she has known for years but is willingly giving me money. She is sweet and I don’t intend to leave her anytime soon. I will continue to “chop her” and when I grow tired of her, I will sell the car and use it to buy a piece of land as my friend asked me to. I will tell her the truth afterwards. I know she will gradually draw back from me but I wouldn’t care.

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My advice to some of ladies is, they should be content with what they have and invest in the person they are with. It’s not all that glitters are gold. As for me, I will continue to enjoy every bit of her until it’s over.

B., Ghana

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My brother it’s very bad to do that to a lady.And she also a Christian like you, but I don’t think you are a practicing Christian because if you do you will not say what you were saying or do what you are doing For her she has fall for you because what she sees around you but please advised her to be contented with what she has. Thanks monofans

  2. I will be glad if you could tell her your intentions. The fact that , she buys fuel for you doesn’t make her not being content but the fake affection and love you are showing to her does.
    Be a real man and tell her to the face what she needs to hear.

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