I’m in Love with My School Administrator


I am a male nurse who has completed from one of the Nursing Training colleges in Accra. I’m 28 years of age and currently working as a staff nurse.

My problem is about the school administrator where I attended my nursing school. Auntie Abena I fell in love with her the very first day I got into the school.

Many of the male students also crushed on her. I just loved how she carried herself, how she used her left hand (she is left handed) how she walked ❤omg and how she talked. I always made sure I’ll see her in the morning so I sat by the window in class. She is always full of smiles.

I’m in Love with My Inlaw’s Dad

I am soo attracted to her that I go on facebook just to look at her pictures when I’m sad. The sad thing is I’ve never gotten the courage to tell her. I’m out of school now but my love for her keeps increasing.

She must be about 7 years or more older than me but she doesn’t look it. With her I will never care about age. I thought I could forget about her when I complete school but I still can’t. Please how do I express my love for her or how do I tell her without hurting her? I’m hurting each day. Will be reading from you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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