I’m Scared to Get Married to Him


God bless you and your fans for your wonderful works. I have a story that I want to share on your page so that your noble Manofans advice me on what to do.

Now to my story, there’s this military man I met on my way to work early 2019 when I was waiting for a car on the roadside. After several minutes of not getting a car, this military pick up stopped by to offer me a lift to my work place. We exchanged contacts before I got down from the car.

During the conversation on our way, he told me what he did was very risky and against their rules because anything could happen since the car is a machine so they don’t pick civilians. He called me after work and we started having conversations from there for some weeks. He made his intentions known to me that he’s interested in me and wants to marry me if only I accept him.

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He further told me about his relationship status and that he has a child with a woman he intended to marry so he did the knocking but unfortunately or fortunately, the woman told him her uncle wanted to send her abroad. He didn’t agree with her but he couldn’t do anything about it anymore and she left for abroad 8 years ago.

He narrated how they used to talk on phone when she left but down the line about 5 years now, he doesn’t hear from her frequently and whenever he reaches her she tells him that she is busy and it’s been like that for some time now. He said he later told her that he wanted to do the final marriage rites but if from the look of things she’s not ready, he will marry someone else when he finds one.

But because I am afraid, I told him that he should ask her well if she’s no more interested but he said she doesn’t say anything meaningful whenever he asks her.

NB: The woman comes to Ghana once in a very long time and spends less than a week without seeing him.

On my side this guy provides anytime I need his help andn I can say I have grown to love him and he loves me too. I see a bright future with him. He still requests for marriage though things have led to another already but I am afraid the supposed Fiancee might come back to claim him after he marries me or she might harm me if she gets to know the guy got married.

Though we have been dating for 2 years now I don’t want it to seem like I snatched somebody’s husband. My question now is should I allow him go ahead with the our marriage rites or I should just move on for my future sake? I need your advice please.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Please be very cautious. Do your own investigations about his status with the lady and also ask yourself if you are ready to live with someone’s child for the rest of your life. Love is not all about the good things we enjoy now, please look into the future too.

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