I’m Tempted to Take a Side Chick


I honestly don’t know if this is worth calling a problem but this is my story. My wife and I have been married for 3 years and we have a 2 year old boy. Although I have 3 exes in my life, my wife happens to be the only woman I’ve known sexually.

I can confidently call our marriage a good one despite the challenges marriages face all the time. Even the people (friends and family) around us have made us know how they look up to us, esp the younger ones. Auntie Abena, I am a very adventurous man who fantasized a lot about sex and couldn’t wait to get married so I can enjoy some.

My sexual life after marriage, however, hasn’t satisfied my fantasies yet. My wife doesn’t seem too concerned about wanting to explore as much as I do. She enjoys the sex everytime yet I can count the number of times she has called for it. It won’t be more than 5 times.

I’m always the one calling for it and I’m getting tired of it. I don’t know if it’s me but there’s something I find so attractive in a woman calling for sex and making you know she wants you. (This is a great turn on for me).

I have spoken with her about this several times. I even have sex positions on my phone I show to her hoping we could explore together and spice up the sex life a lil bit. She’s agreed we need to spice up our love life but she never brings it up and sometimes seem unconcerned about it. My first rounds are usually short and she mostly asks for a break during second rounds which are much longer and that denies me cumming a second time.

Auntie Abena, wogyina so kiim 33we tonga paaa na Obaa no se 3y3, y3nk) break. Ad3n 3y3 telenovela? (Imagine banging her only to be told to go pause for a while. Why? Is it a telenovela) This bothers me a lot even though I never complain about it.

Now there’s this lady at my work place. I’ve gotten very close to her because of the conversations we’ve been having lately. She made me know how much she wants me and how she’s looking forward to “fucking me all night.”

Auntie Abena, this statement in inverted commas has been giving me sleepless nights and endless wet dreams. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to hear my wife say these words to me. Those words haunt me day and night

Now I have started having desires towards this woman and imagining what she’ll do to me if she gets me. I just can’t stop thinking about it. The only thing preventing me from doing it is my conscience which I am still battling with.

Auntie Abena please let your fans advise me. How do I get my wife to be adventurous as I want her to be? How do I get her to make me feel I am also wanted? (NB: I have no doubt she loves me to the core) Is it that sex doesn’t mean much to her as it means to me? I’ve never cheated and I really want it to remain so? My mind is at war. Please help me.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hmmm! Please take easy wai, she not asking you for sex is not enough reason for you to go and sin against The Almighty Allah ????‍♀️. Provided she doesn’t deny you of it when you ask it’s okay. Having sexual intercourse with someone who is not legally married to you is s very big sin the Almighty. So please think about it and try to control your feelings towards that lady who is trying to mislead you.????‍♀️ My mind though ????‍♀️????????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️

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