Is He Being Fair?


Please post this for me because I don’t know what decision to make.

My guy and I have been in a relationship for a year and two months now. I met him when I got to level 100 . He was doing his service at the Accounts Office of our institution when we met, became friends and started dating. He just completed his National service and hasn’t gotten a job yet.

I help him out in so many ways. I pay most of his bills and even send him money to buy food stuff to support him until he gets a job. He hasn’t ever given me a pesea to buy even food for myself before but it doesn’t bother me because he’s calm and isn’t a cheater. That’s what made me fall in love with him.

I’ll be celebrating my birthday next week and he asked me where we will be going. He even gave me a list of the attire and sneakers he wants me to buy for him. He’ll be wearing them for my birthday outing we will be going on. I didn’t complain because I’ve decided to get it for him

The problem is my female best friend has been planning for this day for a very long time. She has already ordered a cake, bought me shoes, a dress and everything I need to make my day special and is even going to sponsor me on that day.

I told this boy that I wouldn’t be able to go with him on that particular day so we should push it to the following week. My best friend wants to celebrate it with me wne I can’t ruin it for her.

Can you believe this boy is angry and said if I go out with my her, he won’t go anywhere with me again? He also said that will be the end of us so I should choose between him and my bestie.

Meanwhile, the outing he wants us to go on, I’m the one who would have had to pay all the bills from the food, drinks, and even the attire he wants to wear on that day. I know him. I won’t even get a present on my own birthday. I’m going to sponsor myself and him, and after that he wants me to spend the night at his place and go home the next day.

Please I need suggestions from your people. Thank you

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Dear forget him, just go out with your best friend wai na his a low-key fuck boy
    Just don’t waste your time and energy with him.
    After you going out on your birthday with him his going to have sex with you in addition. My dear run oooo

  2. Dear, forget him,he can be bored his entire life. Open your eye, he is a fuck boy. Protect your heart. Live your life and focus of the positive side of live. What pains me is after dressing him up, feeding him and making him laugh. He wants to chop you in addition ahhhhh. Use your money for investment wati. Nkwasiasem sei deirrrr

  3. He’s not genuine. He’s only sticking around because of what he gets from you. He’s nothing to write home about. Even if you guys should marry one day he will only be in there with you still sponsoring the home. The moment you complain p3, the marriage if it should ever come on will end in distress

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