Is It Wrong to Be Her Friend?


Please good evening. I would love to share something and ask if there are guys who don’t allow their girlfriends to have male friends. Is that too love? This is what happened between me and a lady in Kanda SHS ooo

In another story, a guy needs advice on forgiveness.

Hi hello auntie Abena and fans. Please I need help because I don’t want to make a wrong decision. I saw these messages on my girlfriend’s phone. Though I have tried to forgive her, it seems I can’t forgive her because I don’t actually know the truth and that’s what’s making me confused.

I have always said I can’t forgive a cheating partner and truly, it seems I really can’t. I have promised her marriage but due to these messages I want her gone but I don’t how to get the truth out of this. The man said he had sex with her around last year March. Later when I confronted him, he said he was joking.

We have suffered together and I now have house and cars she doesn’t know. I wanted to surprise her after our wedding. If it’s true that she cheated then…it’s not my fault.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Foolish boy what do you need her picture for if you have met her twice and her pic will definitely be on her dp,you have a motive and she’s just preventing that earlier.

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