Is It Wrong to Divide Your Tithe to Help the Needy?


Happy new year to you and manofans. Please I have a problem and I need your fans advise. My boyfriend and I are both Christians and attend the same church. We pay our dues effectively too.

Yesterday we were watching a movie together and in the movie, a member of a church was sick and needed surgery. She was from a poor background with no money. They begged families, their church, etc but no avail. All what the pastor does is come and pray but to no avail.

NOTE: Not that I don’t believe in prayers ooo but I hope you also know that sometimes prayers kakra and physical (surgery) nso kakra. But she had no help so she lost her life. It was so sad that I became emotional and cried so I was discussing about this with him that although it was a movie, it happens in real life too. Sometimes church members find it difficult to get food to eat, some are at the hospitals finding it difficult to foot bills and others having difficulty with fees etc. Some churches are doing the most, I must acknowledge but mostly lack in emergency cases.

We go to church, pay tithes, offertory and do fundraising but yet still a member might have few days to live and needs emergency solutions but still lose their life or suffer with no help. Not that the church does not have money ooo, it is there paa but at the bank. Even sometimes we do fundraising for developmental projects apart from the tithe and offertory. Please am not saying they shouldn’t save but I wish they can help members more.

So I told him I wanted to divide my tithe into 2 equal parts. Add some to 1 half so that at the end of every month, I can help someone in need even if it’s something small but this man says No. Come and see fire yesterday.

He said I can’t divide the tithe. Meanwhile he knows very well I don’t earn much. He was so angry, left and hasn’t called the whole day. I’m calling him but he isn’t picking.

Is it wrong to divide the tithe into 2 to help the needy? Please help me because I’m confused here. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My dear so God says give him only 10 percent of your money,u want to divide it and help someone with it.asem o….
    please what are u doing with the 90percent of what is left..just 10percent u giving God for ur own sake.hmm.
    i rest my case but think about it well.We pay tithe out of revelation of what it is.

  2. I knew a man who took small amount of money from his tithe what happened to him err
    Never joke with ur tithe. Besides what about the 90% left

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