Is This The Best Way To Be Yourself Around Your Partner?


Hi, Aunty Abena, please good morning. Please I want you to post this anonymous for me. I need your people’s opinion on this please.

Please there is this guy that I’m seeing, he came over to my place yesterday, we had a conversation and he was about leaving, but there’s this cousin that stays with me. Whenever he comes around and doesn’t see me, he passes a message to her to tell me that he came around but most times this my cousin doesn’t tell me. So he will later tell me he came around and if my cousin told me, and then I tell him she didn’t.

He tends to find her weird, but I have had a conversation with my cousin about that attitude and she made it clear to me that it won’t happen again. She’s really the shy type so I kinda understand her in some way.

Long story short, when he was about leaving he called her to tell her he’s leaving. She was as usual shy. Immediately she left, he told me “eii wo cousin wei deɛ, w’agyimi sɛ ne wura” and I asked him what he meant by that and he said sɛ “she’s a fool just like you” I got angry at his statement and decided to get out of the car and go but he was still saying it teasingly “w’agyimi oooh, wagyimi ooooh” I got more pissed and walked out.

He waited, called me and explained to me that, “he was just playing with me and that’s how he is…… That’s how he behaves with his friends and people close to him too. And that’s how he is; being himself around people so if I’m going to be like this when he’s being himself around me then he won’t know how be himself around me. It’s not like he was even angry when he said that, and that he said it in a playful way”

So, Aunty Abena I want to ask your manofans, if it’s okay for someone to insult his partner in a playful way? Just for him to be himself around them. And also is it a good way of him relating more to them? He’s 29 and I’m 26. I need your opinion on this please.

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Written by Esther

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