I’ve Stopped Attending Church


Please post this for me. I can’t go to church anymore because of something that’s been going on recently.

I’ve been a devout member of church all my life and didn’t stop attending same when I moved from my hometown to Accra. Well, I got married last year and moved to a different area in Accra so I decided to find church in the vicinity to attend.

The first time my husband and I attended church we went for 1st service. We were asked questions by the pastor and my husband told him that he resides in the US. After church, unknown to me, he told my husband he wanted to go with us to see where we stayed. We were however going to visit my mother-in-law, so that didn’t happen.

The second time I attended that church, my husband had left for the states, so I went with my Grandma and cousins. When we closed and were about to leave the church premises, the Pastor came out of the church and told us he wanted to know where we stay. We told him that we will take him home the following week.

Now I have misgivings about all these and I haven’t gone to church since.

  1. I felt it was too early for the pastor “to want to know our house”
  2. Even if I play a role in the new church, I feel the mention of US alone is going to affect how the Pastor will treat me.
  3. Should I continue to go to the church regardless?
  4. Should I find a new church?

Maybe I am just overthinking but I know I need advice please.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Is normal dear now our churches are all about money not about soul winning some of us hide our identity when we visit different churches

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