Licking the Right Way


I want to add my voice to the LICKING topic ongoing. Kindly draw the attention of all members to the fact that in a relationship, one must always concentrate on the pleasure of his/her partner rather than him/herself. If this idea is conceived, then we will both seek and research more on how to help give maximum pleasure to each other.

Fellow Men, #Licking isn’t EVIL as many of you have in mind. We have blessed and successful men who do lick their partners so don’t direct your bad luck to #LICKING. Licking is one way through which a woman can be given maximum satisfaction most especially when it is done well.

How is it done? Kindly note that you must first of all press firmly the walls of the vagina with your thumb and index finger; exposing the CLITORIS which is the 2nd most sensitive part of your woman’s body. Also, please note that licking is best done when you make good use of the ice cube tray in your freezer.

Just pour into it Holandia Yoghurt and wait for it to harden. Gently place a cube on the lady’s abdomen while you swallow one or two. Gently be licking the clitoris with the Holandia Cube in your mouth while the other on her abdomen melts its way into the vagina surface. This feeling is more enjoyable than anything on earth.

On special days, put on dark light while you light incense. Get your baby oil and smear your partner with it. Licking is also good around the cleavage so one can try.

Also, most guys do not know how to finger a woman and i must say they do it wrongly. The purpose for fiingering is to touch the G-Spot (The Most Sensitive Part) which most ladies do not know is part of their Sex Organ.

The GSpot is a bit hidden and to touch it for your woman to have maximum pleasure, you must gently put your middle finger straight into the begins while you raise its tips inside. Note that, you don’t bring out your middle finger while fingering.

Simply shake your arms while the finger is in. Your wife will cum severally if done well. Lastly when licking and you feel tired, please raise up your head and gently slap the vagina continuously. 3 slaps per second will be enough.

I’m Jeffery Nana Boahen

Written by Abena Magis


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