Man Fakes His Death to get His Bills Paid


Warm greetings to your generous self and all noble manofans. Auntie Abena, I’m a health worker and to be sincere with you I have been quiet and very sad since yesterday.

A man in his middle 40s was admitted to our ward 4 weeks ago. He is a known Retro (HIV) patient, abandoned by the family after the first 4 days of admission. The unfortunate thing is that he is non-insured (ie no NHIS card).

On the 6th day after his admission, his father came to get him discharged against medical advice. After his son’s bills were presented to him, he vanished. We the Ward staff had to contribute to buy him food, drugs and all his needs.

He was discharged 2 weeks ago. Sadly, none of his family members were interested in talking to him or coming for him.

I was on night duty yesterday when he called one of our staff to call the numbers available and inform them he is dead.😯
We were all in shock at his decision but did just that after consulting higher ranks in the facility.

We called and spoke to one of his siblings. His brother was with their uncle at that time so informed them. They thanked us and told us they will come here early morning.

Lo and behold this morning, as early as 5: 40 AM, they arrived. 5 in number. I called my superiors and informed them. They also came, sat them down and made them settle all the bills.

Auntie Abena, would you believe another batch were also on their way with a coffin? After an hour, they arrived with a coffin and went straight to the morgue hmmm.

Now the drama.

The man had involved one of our morticians. Whiles our mortician was leading them to the morgue, our Ward-in-Charge sneaked the patient from the room we had moved him, into one of the cars his family members brought.

After some minutes, the mortician led them out of the mortuary and walked them to the car park where they saw him in the car watching them and crying 😭

I wish I could draw their facial expressions here. This is not the first time this has happened and with my observations men are always the victims. We must plan our lives well and be responsible to our immediate and extended families else a day is coming when you will be deserted and you may wish to die.

From Anonymous Poster, Eastern Region

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Written by Abena Magis


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