Mom Says My Boyfriend Doesn’t Give Her Gifts


I’m a silent fan of yours. I love you and all the good things you do. May God bless you.
Please I have a problem and I need a word of advice from you and your able fans.
There’s this guy I’ve been dating for three years. We love each other so much despite the fact that he’s not a Ghanaian.

A week after we met, he went straight to my house to tell my parents that he loves me and would want to spend the rest of his life with me. This gentleman takes care of me as if I’m his wife. Even when I was in the uni he paid my bills, brought me drugs every time I was ill and many more. He relates well with my family too, although they’re not really that much welcoming because they feel that he’s not Ghanaian and therefore we are not meant to be together. But they’re fully aware of how this gentleman takes care of me.

On Monday he said he wants to come and see my family for the necessary arrangements. I told my mom and she said he’s welcomed only for her to call me this evening to tell me that in all our three years of this relationship, there has not been a single day when he has given my family money or bought a bag of rice to the family.

So she thinks that he’s not worthy of marrying me. Let me note this that my church goes against marrying outside but my parents still allowed because they said if I say I love him then that’s what matters. Now, here’s the case she’s telling me that I should rethink my decision to marry him because he doesn’t buy them stuff or give them money.

I think it’s not fair because they should even be grateful to him for being there for me all this while.because I’m from a poor home. Please Auntie Abena what should I do. This guy is my everything apart from God. He makes me happy, he’s my best friend and everything.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Yes, as you said rightly, they should be grateful to him for assuming the responsibility of a husband when he is not there yet. It is rather unfortunate that they are coming up with such flimsy excuse. If you have money, you can try and buy gift on behalf of your guy to be presented to your parents. However, encourage him to show love to them especially on festivities. e.g. Xmas, Easter. As for your church, am wondering which kind of church that detest marriage from another church. I thought we worship the same God? Good luck in your quest.

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