Mum Thinks I’m Sleeping With My Dad


Good morning and thanks for your wonderful works. Hmm Auntie Abena as I’m writing to you, I’m in a pool of tears. It’s about my mum. She thinks I’m her rival and that I’m sleeping with my dad.

Auntie Abena, she’s a woman who doesn’t want my dad to talk to any woman. He’s not supposed to go out or even receive a call from any female. They have been married for over 37 years

Can you imagine she even accused me of having affair with my dad because of how close we were?😭 Because of this, I had to leave my dad’s house to go and stay with my boyfriend against my wish

I came back home and things are still the same. They’ve been quarrelling. Today they fought fist to fist for the first time in their marriage. My dad went to a meeting and it brought about the fight. Mum said he went to see another woman and didn’t attend any meeting. Tempers rose up after he defended himself and they fought.

Auntie I bought a cream that I’m sharing it with my mum. Home is nothing to write about. There’s little money here so we are just managing. I realized dad will need some cream and bought the same thing for my dad. Mum saw it and asked me that why did I buy it for him?

Auntie Abena so I can’t buy a common 11 cedis cream for my dad when his body cream is finished? 😭

Mum accused me of being the cause of their fight and slapped me, saying I brought all this when I came back to the house, Auntie Abena, I want to leave the house again. This time I don’t know my destination but promise never to return home again till I die😭😭😭

But they’re my parents. She’s my mother what can I do to make her understand me? She’s too jealous

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Written by Abena Magis


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