Murder Suicide – Man Dies, Girlfriend Survives

It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love you back but how you’ll react can affect you tragically if you’re not careful. A taxi driver has committed suicide after thinking he’d killed his girlfriend and mother of his kids.

32 year old Yaw, a taxi driver’s story was shared by popular Facebooker, Wassa-Nii Ba.

“Three days ago I woke up earlier than I usually do. Noisy honking by the taxi drivers in my neighborhood woke me up. I looked through the windows and realised almost all of the drivers had tied a little piece of red cloth to their car.

I had to rush and fill my gas cylinder so I called a driver to take me to the fueling station. “You Are Not God” is the nickname of the driver. I’m kinda used to employing his service whenever I need to go somewhere without a personal car.

On the way, I asked him who the deceased was. He was like “he is Yaw. He drank acid from his car battery and died 3 days later.”

“So it was suicide,”I asked.  “Yes,” he replied.

Now he begun to narrate the story.

Yaw was one of the taxi drivers who worked in my neighborhood. Recently, his rent was due but he couldn’t renew it so he had to move out. He was then staying with his long time girlfriend with whom he had 2 children. They’d stayed together with the kids prior to their ejection.

After their ejection, Yaw went to stay in his family house but the lady refused to go with him because she wasn’t comfortable being in his family house. She moved to stay with her sister so once in a while Yaw will go to her sister’s place to spend time with her.

Then he realised his girlfriend was beginning to have affairs with other men. He was obviously not able to fend for the lady in  financial terms.

One day, the lady got home and realised that the padlock to her room had become faulty so she couldn’t lock her room that night. She was asleep when she felt someone on top of her. She opened her eyes only to see Yaw on top of her with a knife, making attempts to stab her. She struggled with him. He targeted to stab her in her left chest and neck but she resisted strongly so the knife cut her arms,  chest and face.

During the struggling, Yaw kept saying “sɛ wondɔ mea ɛneɛ wondɔ obiaa. Anka yɛnyinaa yɛbɛwu” meaning “If you won’t love me then you won’t love anyone else. We both shall rather die”.

According to the lady, at a point during the struggle, she decided to play dead by lying motionless and taking only shallow breath for Yaw to think she was dead. He picked up one of her arms and dropped it. She played it perfectly well as though she was really dead.

When Yaw realised she was “dead,” he rushed out crying and went to sit in his taxi and drove off. The lady, realising that he was gone, got up and moved out of the house and started shouting for people to come to her aid and rush her to the hospital.

According to one of Yaw’s friends (also a taxi driver ), Yaw called him on phone and with a crying voice said “maku Afia o, menso mewu” meaning (I have killed Afia and I will also die) and dropped the call. His friend rushed to go to where he lives in an attempt to rescue him.

On his way, he saw Yaw’s taxi parked by the roadside with the bonnet opened as though it had developed a fault. He rushed to the taxi and saw his friend sitting in it breathing heavily and sweating profusely.  He checked and saw a cup on his lap with acid in it.

Apparently he had pierced his car battery and collected some of the acid and drank it. He hurriedly carried him into his own taxi and rushed him to the Accident & Emergency Centre of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where the doctors did their best but he died 3 days later.

The lady didn’t die. She was treated and now doing fine at home.

3 days ago was Yaw’s funeral. He was 32.

I just don’t know what word of advise I should write but this is so sad. I hope we all learn from this true and sad story. Take care of your mental health in your relationships.  If you can’t do it anymore,  just leave and move on. It is not that easy. But killing someone’s child and killing yourself is a No No.😭

Written by Abena Magis


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