My Abortion Story – He Asked Where His Baby Was


Good morning. I want to comment on the story a sister sent about either aborting her baby or giving the baby away because of the father’s rejection.

I once dated a guy for two years. When we connected, he was then working outside the country (he’s an old school mate). At the point I met him I was so done with love. He encouraged me and gradually I accepted his proposal. He could call and text every minute that a a point I felt I’d met my lost rib. He was so good with words that I believed him.

Fast forward, he came down to GH and we met. Right from the airport when I went to meet him, I felt something was wrong but I thought perhaps he had haf a long trip so he was stressed up.

In short we made love and I later realised I was pregnant for him. I told him and the way this guy reacted to the news was very disappointing. The thing is I bought condom before we had sex but he threw it away saying he’s not gonna leave me plus I don’t trust him enough. I had to give in and that was my greatest mistake. I should have taken a contraceptive after our encounter too, another mistake.

Moving on,he reacted so badly and told me I should abort this pregnancy, after he returns from where he works we will have another one. I felt like my world was crushing. He left the country and all communication with me seized. I went through hell with the pregnancy. I’m gainfully employed but the depression was too much to bear.

I had a lot of negative thoughts running through my mind. The last message I sent hm was if he ever came back to his senses should I keep the baby, he will never have the opportunity to see him.

Years passed and lo n behold it came to pass. He came to Ghana and went round searching for me, begged me to forgive him so we can live as a family.

Then came the question “where is my child?” And I responded “which child? The one you asked me to abort?” He was quiet.

I told him that nothing exists between us. I’d forgiven him but it was late. Someone who loves me is caring for the child he rejected. I went through hell but when I see my child, I bless God for my not doing anything stupid because of a man’s betrayal.

Mistakes happen in life but one also can’t tell that sweet man you love is the one who would end up betraying you. (There’s no mark on their foreheads to indicate they’re not good)

My sister stand firm and don’t give the baby away or abort. Like Akroberto would say “who nose tomorrow?”
Storms come and go. After that the sun will shine.

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Written by Abena Magis

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