My Abortion Story – He Wants His Baby


Good morning. Please I need advise on some issues.
I’ve been dating this guy for seven years. Earlier this year, I got pregnant and he said I should go and look for my baby’s daddy. I got really sad and angry too so I aborted the baby with my own money without any help from him. In February he called and said he is sorry I should forgive him because he thought I was lying wen I told him I’m pregnant.

I accepted him back but due to what he did to me, I always get angry at him for the slightest thing. On the 8th of last month, I visited him and we had sex. After that he took my phone and started reading my messages. He saw a chat between me and a guy and accused me of dating this guy. I know in my heart that it’s not true. Well I started insulting him and the way this guy insulted me back?

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He is now threatening me to give him back his baby if not he will call my dad and tell him about the abortion. I begged him to stop and he said I should come to his house and beg him. I went there and he raped me. I told him that we should break up but he said he will never let me go.

Do you know that he took my naked picture and he is now threatening me that if I leave him he will leak it? I accepted to stay with him but I still can’t forget how he bodyshamed me . I don’t love him anymore but I’m afraid of him telling my dad about the abortion and leaking my pictures.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Dear please do not be afraid to sincerely open up to your family. They love you unconditionally. Don’t let an evil person ruin your life. You can seek help. If you have records of your conversations then please seek legal action against him. You are blessed beyond measure do not let anyone degrade you.

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