My Baby Daddy is Stingy


I have been dating a military man for a year now but Auntie Abena this man is too stingy. Sometimes I pick a dropping (charter taxi) to to his place. I’ll pay GHS40 to his place but when I am going home the next day, he will give me GHS50 for transportation and food, meaning 2×6 and loss but sake of love I wouldn’t mind.

I cook for him, wash for him and will sometimes use my own money to buy things to decorate his house for him all because of love. Until one Monday he called me to cook jollof for him but he doesn’t have money. Auntie Abena, I used my own money to cook the jollof for him and I picked a car with my own money but guess what I saw, he’s in the room with another woman.

I called his phone several times but he refused to pick my calls, I stood at his door knocked knocked and he still refused to open the door. I stood there for about 1 hour until I the food home with broken heart. It took him like 1 and half months before he called me.

Auntie Abena, this military man doesn’t even know where I live. We came back together after what he did. To cut everything short, on the 7th December after the elections, he called me the next day on the 8th and asked if I’m cool with the elections since I’m an NDC.

We made fun of each other and I told him I need money because I don’t have any. He replied that he’s on duty and didn’t have anything on him as at that time. Auntie Abena from that day on the 8th till 15th this man was not talking to me till on the 16th when I had a call that my mum was not feeling well and they’ve rushed her to the hospital.

I didn’t have any money on me so I called him several times. He refused to pick my calls till I sent him a message that it’s important before he picked my call. Then I told him the condition of my mum and told him to please give me a transportation because I have no money on me. Auntie Abena it was on Saturday evening around 4pm that I called him

He said he didn’t have any money on him but all he had was GHS100gh so will send it to me Auntie Abena till now that I am writing you this message, he hasn’t sent me the money and didn’t even bother to ask me about my mum.

My problem now is am carrying his child. I am pregnant for him and thinking of aborting it because he doesn’t care about me. He’s a womanizer too.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Madam, I have gone through that and I know what it feels like. Consider your age first and if this child you are carrying now is something you can do without please go for safe abortion because trust me you will forever regret having a child for this kind of man. It is sometimes unbearable. Take the decision now and forever forget he ever crossed your path. And in your next relationship please do the checks before falling in for respect and responsibility from the man

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