My Baby Mama Slept with Her TA


My baby mama and I met back 2013 .I really loved her but she betrayed my love for her by sleeping with a Teaching Asistant guy in the University in her first year. I trusted her so much that I didn’t have a problem with she having the guy as a friend since she told me he was assisting her academically.

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I found out about their affair when she visited me from school. I read a chat between them about the love making they had a day before she came to me. I was so much in love and heart broken that I couldn’t see her being with another guy.

I convinced her to still stay with me which she did but finally getting rid of him. This is after I showed her a chat between the guy and I. He boasted to me that he can have sex with her anytime he wants.

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My problem now is that, anytime I remember what the guy told me concerning the number of times they had sex and what he made her do to him really breaks my heart. It makes her disgust me.

We have a child together and though she keeps bothering me with marriage, I honestly can’t see myself getting married to a woman who could cheat on me in that manner. I want your fans to advise me on what to do.

NB: I didn’t convince her to stay to pay her back.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I had the same experience and it really hurt so badly like never before. But weren’t having a child so I managed to let her go. It wasn’t easy though. It was a really complex task to accomplish. But per your situation, I’m also considering the baby. I know she’s broken your trust for her and you are also hurt. In some years ahead, sake of trust issues, there are going to be a lot of controversies and it is assured. If she still loves you and you also really love her and can make amendments in her life, I suggest you sit her up and set a standard in the relationship for her so she will now know the limit she can go in the relationship or better still, you can let her go because trusting her will be at stake. And as we all know, the foundation of a strong relationship is trust and when it is broken, the relationship is like trying to store water in a sieve.

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